About Us

Three brothers engaged in advancing their business interests have come together to start various companies, BlackSwan steel is one of them. The brothers have been mentored by their father a successful, entrepreneur engineer to develop internet based and futuristic technologies and products for the next generation.
Roosheel Patel(Rooshe@TAMU.edu) , a recent graduate of Texas A&M, Shrineil Patel(Marblemonkey@gmail.com), attending University of Texas at Austin and Shramik Patel(Shramik@blackswansteel.com), attending Bauer school of Business, University of Houston grew up in Houston area, attended Cy Ranch High School in cypress and have continued to pursue varied interest through colleges. The brothers regularly meet to learn and share amongst them the buzz of the campuses and the use of technology in the shaping humanity. They have invested their own money into these companies and provide direction though direct and indirect actions all the while pursuing their scholastic agenda.

The brothers understand that internet of things is going to reshape the world we live in a short time frame and would like to make contributions to this wave of ground breaking phenomenon.

You can reach them at their e-mails addresses with ideas and suggestions. They will listen.

Mr. Sandeep N. Patel, S.E.
Sterling Engineering Group of Companies
14025 West Road
Houston, Texas 77041